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Our Pursuit

Children Evangelism Ministry Int’l is an interdenominational, non sectarian Christian missionary organization fully committed to the total development and welfare of Children The Ministry was formally inaugurated in 1979 during the international year of the child at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Idi Araba, Lagos, Nigeria under the name “Operation Reach The Child Campaingn” and incorporated in Nigeria on May 10, 1985.

CEM was established as a result of obedience to God’s vision impressed on the mind of Evang. Tony Egbuna Chukwudile (Formerly known as Ofodile) while studying at the university of Liberia, Monrovia in 1973 through late Miss Vera A. Stephen, an African – American Missionary working in Liberia.

CEM believes that the child should be developed in a holistic way, in line with God’s word in Luke 2:52 which says that Jesus increased in wisdom (Mental Development) and Stature,(Physical Development) and in favour with God (Spiritual Development) and with man,(Social Development) CEM works to meet the needs of the child today so as to fully prepare him for life. Hence, the motto of CEM is “Train up a child now as a foundation for a better tomorrow” CEM is not a church denomination.

Her activities and services are directed at children within and outside the church denominations in the area of child development, growth and welfare, particularly through the children development of each church.

CEM operates and liases (not competing) with churches, Christian fellowships and other bodies/organizations committed to the development, evangelization, growth and welfare of today’s child. CEM is a registered ministry offering a variety of courses and training at different levels for children’s ministers, evangelists, pastors, school teachers, children’s counselors, etc.

CEM is financially self – supporting by offerings, pledges, gifts and donations from individuals, churches/Fellowships and Groups