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Our Burden

 Apart from the day I met Christ, the day I acknoledged Him as my Lord and Saviour, another landmar in my life was the day, in 1972, when the Lord opened my eyes to the scripture verse quoted above. I could remember how mother Vera A. Stephen told me to open to Matt. 18:24 and I read

Afterwards she said to me, “Son, it is not God’s will that any child should go to hell, they can repent and be saved if taught the word of God like any adult

Thereafter, I made up my mind to teach people on returning to Nigeria, that children can be saved. Beloved, the reality in Matt. 18:14, Prov. 22:6 and the burning question in Romans 10: 14 – 15 are very much relevant in our time. Lam. 4:3 – 4 summarizes the children’s plight

Unfortunately, the cry of children and children workers for action is swallowed up in myriads of church activities. Outside the church, the grip of obsessing power of civilization and “Struggles for survival” is so strong that no attention is given to such “Mean” issue as child evangelism. The result is that innocent children are left almost entirely alone to struggle against exernal forces of satan and sin. No wonder there are so many vicious and vulgar actions around

There are so many perversion, pornography and godlessness especially among children and youths. Is it surprising, that in so many of our churches today, youths are neck deep in one form of sin and immorality or the other? When confronted, they explain it in a way that portrays you as old fashioned, conservative and rigid

The need for immediate response is so desperate because, if today’s child is not salvaged from the claw of sin and satan, then tomorrrow’s church is in grave danger. The only way to save the situation is aggressive child Evangelism. CEM by God’s leading exists to equip Christians for aggressive Child Evangelism

God bless you