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A Gift For Waiting Mothers

A Gift For Waiting Mothers

Over the years, I have often read and also heard of the various struggles and ordeal of couples go through as a result of childlessness in marriage. But at a time, this issue became so real to me as my elder sister began to
wait for conception for years. Oh! How I prayed and sought for a way out of the predicament for her.

Thus it was a nightmare when it dawned on me a few years after marriage that the same fate had become my plight. But thank God I had learnt to
pray and encourage those with the same situation, so I saw it as a ‘physician heal thyself’ issue. The help offered by my loving husband, who kept
assuring me that we will have our children, coupled with the fact that our families never pestered us, made the pain easy to bear for me.

I took solace in God and threw my entire being into service for Him among children. I rejoiced, celebrated and sowed heartily into the lives of those
that have children. At first, I counted days and months to keep record
of my menstrual circle, until I perceived God saying: “So you are counting days for Me?” At that point, I completely let go and let God have His way.
And to the glory of His Name, He gave me peace to live my normal life and to patiently wait for His visitation.

My experience in the place of waiting taught me never to worry but rejoice in hope knowing that God who has promised is able to bring it to pass.
The choice of Birthright as the title for this book came as a revealed truth because the Lord God at creation had blessed man and said: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.” (Genesis 1:28) The Bible had equally declared that “Children, are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” (Psalm 127:3) From these promises we know that all humans are potential parents and nothing should be strong enough to reverse these decrees of the Lord. Remember the Bible says: “The gift of the Lord is without repentance.” (Romans 11:29) I have found God to be true to His words; therefore, necessity is laid on me to be His witness to the entire
world and this I hope to achieve through this book to as many as will read it. This book is therefore, written to encourage you. I urge you to be kind
enough to pass it on, particularly to people trusting God for the blessing of the womb.

May the Lord grant you grace to discover for yourself through the true life testimonies shared in this book, the infallible redeeming power in the
Word of God, in Jesus’Name!

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      A timely book and God sent message for all waiting upon the Lord. The testimony of the writer and others in this book is a testimony of the faithfulness and Mercy of God to all.
      God is indeed faithful even when we are faithless for He cannot deny himself.
      2Timothy 2:13

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